Holes in the map, part 9: Wolves

In the final part of our series about species missing from the Lake District, Site Manager Lee Schofield takes on the wolf. A ruined stone building known as Low Loup perches on a fellside shoulder of Mardale Common, high above Haweswater reservoir. It lacks only a roof, and sheep use it to shelter from the wind, keeping its packed earth floor tightly nibbled. The ruin makes a popular photo opportunity,… Read More »Holes in the map, part 9: Wolves

Holes in the map, part 4: Eagles

In the fourth part of the series exploring the species that have disappeared from Cumbria’s landscape, Haweswater Site Manager Lee Schofield traces the rise and fall of our two native eagles, both of which have a special place in the wild history of Haweswater For most of the last five decades, Haweswater was the only place in England where golden eagles resided. They returned in 1969 thanks to a healthy… Read More »Holes in the map, part 4: Eagles

Holes in the map, part 1: Beavers

In the first installment of a new series about species missing from the Lake District, Site Manager Lee Schofield introduces us to the Eurasian Beaver As a nation surrounded by the sea, there is no scope for some of our missing species to return to Britain under their own steam, no matter how attractive we manage to make our countryside. The Eurasian beaver, hunted to extinction in the UK about… Read More »Holes in the map, part 1: Beavers

Haweswater Badger Hide: Celebrating Six Months

As fresh leaves began to open on the trees, so too opened the doors to the Haweswater Badger Hide to welcome its very first visitors this April. Construction of the hide took place through the 2018/19 autumn season by the RSPB Haweswater team, a project initiated, designed and managed by our incredible Warden, Mal. As Naddle Farm is central to a number of badger territories, therefore allowing badgers to pass… Read More »Haweswater Badger Hide: Celebrating Six Months

Nights with Badgers

Since opening our Badger Hide at RSPB Haweswater, we have had the pleasure of introducing students, couples, filmmakers, families and sole-badger lovers to our three visiting sows (females) who emerge from their setts in the wilds of Haweswater on an evening, and visit our Badger Hide to forage and socialise. Between public sessions, it’s almost too irresistible for the Haweswater team to spend an evening watching the girls when they… Read More »Nights with Badgers

Haweswater Badger

Here come the badgers

Enjoy a wild night out at RSPB Haweswater! From the comfort of our brand new Badger Hide, you can watch the ‘Haweswater Badgers’ as they forage and socialise, allowing you the unique opportunity to observe these secretive mammals at close range. Each Monday throughout April to October 2019 we will be offering our Badger Hide for individual bookings, perfect for families, couples, or a sole-badger lovers! On these sessions you… Read More »Here come the badgers